1. Eligibility:
The User shall agree to represent and warrant that the User is at the age of 14 or above
and is fully able and competent to understand and agree to the terms, conditions,
obligations, affirmations, representation, and warranties as set forth in this Agreement.

2. Compliance of Law:
Both the User and the Food Delivery Platform(FDP) must be in compliance with all laws
and regulations in the country in which they live while accessing and using the Service.
The User must agree to use the Services only in compliance with terms & conditions,
applicable law, and in a manner that does not violate legal rights or those of any third

3. The FDP shall make it clear that it is not either a manufacturer or a seller or distributor
of food or beverages but only places an order against the partner restaurant on behalf of
the User customer pursuant to the aforesaid contract and facilitate the sale and
purchase of food and beverages between the two, under the contract for sale and
purchase of food and beverages.

4. The FDP shall not be liable for any actions or omissions by the Restaurant Partners
including deficiency in service, wrong delivery or order, quality of food, time is taken to
prepare or deliver the order, etc.

5. The User must warrant that while placing an order the details like contact number,
delivery address, etc. are accurate and correct. By providing these details, the User
expresses his/her acceptance of FDP’s terms and conditions and privacy policies.

6. Statutory Compliances by Restaurant Partners:
The User acknowledges that the Food Delivery Platform bears no responsibility for the
compliance with statutory rules, regulations, and licenses by the Restaurant Partners.
The User agrees that FDP shall not be liable in any manner if the User is unable to avail
the offer(s) with a Restaurant Partners due to Restaurant Partner’s violation of any
statutory rule, regulation, and license.

7. If any change made to Terms & Conditions:
Gurug Food Delivery team can modify Terms & conditions at any time, at sole discretion.
If the team will be modifying any content, they will let you know either by site or through
the app.

8. Privacy :

Your privacy is very important to us. We will assure you that any private data will not be
disclosed anywhere at any cost.

9. Blocking or Deleting your Account
If we notice any illegal activity then we have all rights to permanently Block your account
without any notice and reason.