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We all know the importance of family and friends. When we are far from our country and home town, we miss our people. We miss celebrating festivals with them, don’t we?

Well, Guru-G Food came with an amazing service that will connect the people at abroad with their families in Nepal. Now you will get a chance to celebrate any occasion with your families in Nepal. Festival means having good food, celebrating, and creating memories. With Guru-g Food you can place your order from abroad. Gift your loved ones a variety of food, sweets, and other food items. This is a one-step to bring you closer to your family to celebrate festivals or any special occasions. 

Whether it’s a new year celebration, mother’s day, birthday, party, or any special moment, surprise your loved ones with the Guru-G Food combo offer. 

About the combo package

Guru-G Food came with a combo of yummy foods, sweets, drinks, cake, and others. If you are away from Nepal, you can place an order for this combo for your people in Nepal. The combo food starts from Rs 5000. You can pay for your order through a Credit card, khalti. 

You are far from your country and from your people but Guru-G provides you a chance to celebrate together. 

How to order?

  • Download the app and register your account
  • Log in to the app and select the location where you want delivery
  • Choose the combo offer 
  • Confirm your cart list and proceed to checkout after providing the coupon code 
  • Confirm your delivery details and payment method
  • Once you are done with your payment, your order will be placed.
  • Soon your people will receive your order.

Guru-G Food is a way to your happiness. Join us foodies to celebrate every occasion with a grand party where you can have yummy foods.

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